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Strategic partnership - “Sustanaible production and conscious individuals”

The project “Sustainable production and conscious individuals” was written by 5 schools (France, Italy, Germany, Bulgary and Turkey) and it is addressed to students aged between 14 and 18.
The project originated from young people’s interest in the idea of a sustainable development  through the building of a new civilization on an habitable planet called FuturEU (the name plays on the double meaning: “you are the future” and  “the future of Europe”).

The project includes 5 mobilities to the 5 countries and each country has different subtopics to deal with: 
  •  I.T.”G.Deledda” Lecce (Italy) - Environment
  •  Lycee “Joliot Curie” Hirson (France) - Lifestyle and health
  •  Secondary School “Hristo Botev” Archar (Bulgary) - Education
  •  “Johannes-De-la Salle” Berufsschule Ashaffenburg (Germany) - Economy
  •  Erdem Bayazit Anadolu Lisesi Gungoren (Turkey) - Innovation


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